Manasquan Reservoir – 5-Mile Loop

On a hot Summer day I was looking for a hike that was somewhat nearby.  I had been hiking a lot within the Monmouth County Parks System and saw that the Manasquan Reservoir was on my list to hike.  I have been to the park in the past, but not to hike, so the trip was familiar.  The  park is large, with ample parking – many people are there for the reservoir itself.  Also, the reservoir has a fabulous nature center – when I was at the nature center with the kids, there was a camera to see the eagle’s nest, turtles, and all kinds of exhibits.

There are numerous places to walk the reservoir loop trail, but probably the two most popular are from the nature center or from the main reservoir parking lot.  I chose to start from the main parking lot.

For this loop you will walk five miles all around the reservoir.  On the day I did this loop is was very hot.  While a good portion of the trail meanders around the water, and much of it is covered, there is one section by the nature center (along the road) that is in the bright sun.  If it is hot, bring water; in fact, bring extra.  On this day, I thought I might actually run out.

The walk is easy, and very well marked.  The trail, such as it is, is a concrete path, that circles the water.  Outside of the length, this is an easy walk.  There is lots to see, many gorgeous views of the reservoir.  On my walk, I happened to see deer on the north side of the reservoir.

When I finished, I stopped in the visitor’s center where you could rent kayaks and canoes – I think there is a concession stand, though it wasn’t open when I was there.

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