Tatum Park

I’ve driven through Middletown many times and have even driven by the Tatum Park entrance; it’s right across from Deep Cut Gardens (which I’ve never been to.)  So, on a day with some free time I made the short drive up to Tatum Park to walk their trails.  The day started off nice but quickly got cloudy with rain threatening.

I picked up a trail map at the trailhead and started off.  Early on, the trails were well marked and easy to follow, you head down a small hill on a dirt path.  However, there were a bunch of unmarked trails that made it a little confusing.  With a good sense of direction I was able to stay on course.  Also, there were long stretches without any blazes, and fortunately these occurred where the trails were straight and true.

Interestingly, and new to me, some of the trails cut through fields.  You really couldn’t miss where to go, because the grass had been mowed, but there were access roads in the fields as well.  Beware, the grass is high off the trails – tick central.

This was a fun walk in a nice park that I had never walked.  The trails are easy, there were no strenuous sections or anything that posed a real challenge.  However, it was very quiet, I only saw a couple of others walking, and you can log some quiet miles in the park.

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