Cattus Island Park

Park site:

The kiosk by the parking lot contained many trail maps.

For the beginning of May, the temperatures hovered right around 60 degrees – with a slight breeze that became stiffer as we got nearer to the water.  My daughter and I headed down to Cattus Island for a hike – I was looking at the hike in 50 Hikes in New Jersey.  That hike was around 3 miles.  We did 5.8.  Here’s my log:

I had never been down here and did not know what to expect.  This was a great hike, we did most trails and walked most of the park.  Trails were mostly soft dirt, pine needles, and boardwalks – plenty of boardwalks.  There were many sections that were spongy, with a bit of mud; but nothing impassable or challenging.  As we approached beaches the wind noticeably picked up.  Also, benches abound – you will not walk far without coming upon a bench (some with great views) to sit and rest a bit.

Also, this was the first Ocean County park I’ve hiked.  Trails were well marked; in fact, there were ample blazes.  Turns and junctions are marked so you don’t get lost.  There were a couple of unmarked trails, but with enough blazes, you are not going to get lost.  We did not stop at the Cooper Activity center, though we did walk by it.  Pictures from the hike:

All in all, this was a great hike.  I can imagine that the White trail is very hot in the summer with sun shining down on you and no shade.  Definitely bring enough water in hot weather.  The other trails provided plenty of shade as you are in the woods and/or by the water.

Ticks – 0 (And I should note, no mosquitoes by Mosquito Cove – I bet that changes in much warmer weather.)

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream at The Yellow Brick Road Ice Cream Shop, Carosel.  Very very good.

Hiked:  5/6/18

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