2019 Analysis

If I was disappointed I didn’t get out much in 2018, then I would be surprised by my 2019 totals. There were too many extra activities in the summer of 2019 that prevented me from getting to the trails. Of course, the Jersey weather did not hold it’s end of the bargain.

2017 hikes: 12
2018 hikes: 10
2019 hikes: 5

5! That’s all my spreadsheet shows. Seeing that saddens me, especially after vowing in 2018 that I would get out more in 2019. Fortunately, that means I should be able to beat that number this year (and really, I’ve already been out once, so that’s a good start.) I can see the summer shaping up to be busy, but the spring should be a little easier.

2017 miles: 40.45
2018 miles: 41.54
2019 miles: 23.35

As expected, with less trips came less miles. I’m hoping this year to accomplish more miles and more verticle. In reality, that shouldn’t be too hard, as I’ve hiked most of the local parks and now have to drive further to find new trails.

Highlights from this year:

Hacklebarney State Park:  This was a fun hike by the Black River. While it starts out easy by the trailhead, there are tons of rocks along the river. I did this in the Spring, it must be spectacular with color in the Fall.

Bear Mountain State Park: Major Welch Trail. This was probably my favorite hike of the year. I loved the rock scrambling. This was a little bit of a drive, but oh so worth it. Pro Tip: Don’t do this on the hottest/most humid day of the year. Great views!

Of course, I have great plans for the year, let’s see what it brings.

See you on the trails!

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