Plainsboro Preserve

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Trail Map – downloadable, not linked

Hike Distance: 4.8 miles

Trails:  I think I was on all of them (I didn’t hike Green or the Blue Shortcut)

My map:

For the first weekend in April, it was pretty warm.  I thought I would be able to get away, stay socially distanced, and log a few miles.  Well, I was partially right.  I once lived in Plainsboro, and never knew about this park, so it was nice to visit, explore, and hike a new find.

However, in the midst of the pandemic, it seems many people had somewhat the same idea.  The fact that it was gorgeous out at the beginning didn’t hurt.  There were more cars in the parking lot than I was comfortable seeing.  I was hoping that once I cut into the woods I would see less people.  And for the most part, that was true.

Trails here are really well marked, some are lined by felled trees and branches.  It’s kind of hard to get lost here.  And all the trails were wide, flat, and dirt-covered, which meant walking was awesome.

Starting out of the parking lot…what the…?

This is the second time in two hikes.

That’s more like it….

One thing I noticed while walking the park is that there has been A LOT of beaver activity.

The Blue trail and Maggie’s Trail skirt McCormack Lake, with Maggie’s trail going out into the lake.  It was clouding up at this time, but it was still nice.  On a more warmer day, I would have stayed longer.

Looking out at the lake from the end of Maggie’s Trail

This was a great place to hike, part of the Audubon Society.  There were signs for when the park and trails are closed due to hunting season, but I was beyond that.  Also nice, on the White trail there were signs giving a little of the history of the park and descriptions of some of the flora.

However, there were way too many people congregating by the lake on my way out, I could not get out of there fast enough.  Driving home, there were way too many cars on the road, and I was glad to finally get home.

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Hiked:  4/5/2020

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