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Hike Distance:  6.73 miles

Trails:  Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Teal, Pink, unblazed

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It wasn’t hot to start out, 66 at the trailhead, but it certainly was hot (and a bit humid) when I returned to the lot.  The car said 90.  And it was very foggy early in the morning.  I wasn’t sure what I would be able to see.

I started on the red trail, where I would turn left onto yellow to head up the Tourne.  The trails around the Tourne are wide, crushed gravel roads.

Throughout the park I came across numerous benches, some small, and some of the larger type that had obviously been donated.  There names on the larger benches.

At the top of the Tourne, there are picnic benches.  Also, there is a memorial to 9/11.

Here’s the view, though there were two problems.  One, there was a thick fog, and two, there are too many leaves on the trees.  On a better day, you should be able to see the New York City skyline.

Look out Charlotte

And it seems there will be a bumper crop of poison ivy this year.

Dame’s Rocket

These flowers are really neat.  Unfortunately, with the heat and humidity, my camera didn’t focus well on them.

Pinkster flowers

Once you get off the Red trail, the trail surfaces become more “trail-like” and less “road-like.”  The Blue trail cuts through the woods and had some spongy wet spots.

Spring house foundations

The Blue trail joins back up with the Red trail and skirts along the eastern edge of Birchwood lake.  At this point, you are technically in Richard Wilcox Municipal Park, in the Borough of Mountain Lakes.

Birchwood Lake

You can see in that picture that the weather has finally cleared off, and it was noticeably warmer (and muggier) out.

I stayed on the Red trail which led back into Tourne County Park.

There was lots of False Turkey Tail out all over.

I took the Teal and Pink trails as a little detour from Red.  In this area I happened to run into some bikers.  Most of the people I ran into were near the Tourne.

Two Flower Dwarf Dandelion

Tourne County Park is a great park to hike in.  Aside from some unblazed trails and some junctions, the trails were marked well.  A couple of trails pass by housing.  I did not take the long White trail, and I’ll have to come back to investigate.

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Hiked:  5/21/2022

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