Perrineville Lake County Park

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Hike Distance: 8.26 miles

Trails:  Lakeside Loop, Rocky Brook, Quail Run

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I didn’t plan to hike this weekend, the weather was supposed to be lousy on Saturday, and nicer on Sunday – I couldn’t go on Sunday.  But, on Friday, I saw that the weather would be ok for the morning on Saturday, so I scrambled to find something “close” by – which meant a county park.  I left for the trailhead in bright sun, but left the park just as clouds were building.  It would start pouring when I got home.

Be advised, there’s not much technical here, no steeps, no sweeping views, and no water crossings.  But, for the most part, it’s a nice walk in the woods. When you are not in the woods, there are big fields – which may not feel like hiking but has a different kind of view.

I parked in the Agress Road lot, and first hiked to the east on the Lakeside Loop.  I came back to the parking lot and did a long out and back to the west.  There is a parking lot all the way on the western edge that does not appear on the map.

This hike started out on a field’s edge.

There were lots of Mock Strawberries on the trail.  They are real small, about the size of a small marble.  And no, they don’t taste like strawberries at all…they taste like….nothing.

At one point, I came across this overgrown section just before the lake.  There were numerous sections like this.  Tick Central.

The trail is up the hill from Perrineville Lake, and you can only see the lake through the trees.  I did not see a spur trail that went down to the lake, I suppose I could have bushwacked.

Perrineville Lake

Most of the time the trail is wide packed dirt.  The exception is walking on the edges of the fields.

On the western side, the trail comes right up on the fishing pond (I couldn’t find a true name.)  This is more scenic in that you can get right up to the edge of the water.

Water Lillies

Some of the fields have expansive views.

There is a small connector trail that heads down to Assunpink Wildlife Management area.  Supposedly there are trails there, I have yet to find a good map.  I took the trail down, and when the blaze changed color, I stopped.  AllTrails probably could have helped me out, but I didn’t want to chance it.  This picture is looking into Assunpink WMA.

There were lots of squirrels rustling about in the leaves.  And I’m pretty sure I disturbed a chipmunk convention.

The big field on the western side of the park apparently grows wheat.

The sun was out for the most part, though the forests provided good shade.

I walked right by the Quail Run trail on the way out, and was determined to find it on the way back.  There is no marker at the junction.  And I never saw a marker or blaze on the trail.  Here’s the trail leading away from the Rocky Brook trail.

Ghost Pipes

This trail had the most color.  It also had the most gnats.

The trail dead-ended for me.  I believe it connects with a road, but I could not see that connection.  I turned around and headed back to the car.

Just as I was leaving clouds were rolling in.

Ticks: 1


(This is your typical Monmouth County Park system blaze.  Trails are colored by their “difficulty” – like ski trails.  I think I saw five or six the whole day.)

(I have no idea what this blaze is for, it was tacked up on a tree, on the trail.  It’s the only one I saw.)

Hiked: 6/10/2022


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