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Hike Distance: 3.1 miles

Trails:  Yellow

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I should have gone out on Saturday but the weather called for storms all day.  It didn’t rain here.  But I didn’t hike.  I know I won’t get out for a couple of weeks, so I picked Garret Mountain Reservation to hike.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and pulling into the park, there were 100s of people all walking the road.  It was packed.

I walked the yellow trail, which essentially parallels the road, but is off in the “woods.”  The nice thing about the yellow trail is that I left all the people on the road.  This was the first park I  had seen horses on trail in quite a while.

Greenspot Nightshade

I walked counter-clockwise, so my first landmark would be Barbour’s pond.

The other good thing about Garret Mountain Reservation is the Yellow trail keeps you off the pavement.

I did not actually summit Garret Mountain, as the trail follows the road around the park.  Further, access to Lambert  Castle was blocked off, and I would have like to have visit; even if I could not go inside.

There was plenty of deer; probably too many.  Lots of chipmunks making noise too.

Heading north on the eastern side of the park had some gorgeous views, mostly because it was early and not hazy yet.

The observation tower grounds were open, but you could not climb the tower.

Garret Mountain Reservation is a nice park.  I could not begin to pick up litter, there was far too much.  There is plenty of road noise, and you will hear many planes as well.  But, for a short jaunt, this was a nice destination.

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For a brief stretch the Morris Canal Greenway is on the yellow trail

Hiked:  7/4/2022


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