2023 Analysis

2023 afforded me much more time to hike, and I took advantage of it as much as possible. Weather played into many of the weekends. However, I started to volunteer with the county parks, which gave me more hikes. As I look at the schedule for the spring, I see six or seven hikes with the county parks, though I know weather will be a factor in many of them.

There have not been as many posts in the last couple of months, just because I have been out so much. I’ve done a handful of trails a bunch of times, with one route being completed three times…in one year. I really didn’t feel like writing up duplicates.

I only saw one bear this year, and that was from the van as we neared the parking lot.

So here’s the historical numbers:

2017 hikes: 12
2018 hikes: 10
2019 hikes: 5
2020 hikes: 23
2021 hikes: 29
2022 hikes: 33
2023 hikes: 40

With 52 weekends in a year, that’s a lot of hikes I completed. Granted, there was a series of hikes I volunteered for the county parks that hiked during the week.

Let’s take a look at mileage:

2017 miles: 40.45
2018 miles: 41.54
2019 miles: 23.35
2020 miles: 149.57
2021 miles: 210.77
2022 miles: 236.97
2023 miles: 245.19

There’s not much to say about that.

And finally, elevation gain:

2017 elevation: 2555 feet
2018 elevation: 3300 feet
2019 elevation: 2192 feet
2020 elevation: 17838 feet
2021 elevation: 29480 feet (1 Mt. Everest)
2022 elevation: 35038 feet
2023 elevation: 39544 feet

I hiked more in the Catskills this year, which is automatically more elevation. I’m unofficially working on the Catskills 35, which means I suspect I will be in the Catskills even more.

What were my favorite hikes? There wasn’t one hike this year. I think it was the series to complete the Catskills fire tower challenge that I participated with the county parks that was my favorite. Interesting, there are 6 towers we did in five trips (two are right near each other.) The challenge took us the whole year. In four of the five tower pictures I have of myself, I’m wearing a fleece. Yes, the trip up Hunter in August was “only” 50 degrees. I would expect a fleece in January, February or November. Getting all six towers was a lot of fun for me (and helped me on my way to the Catskills 35.)

I’m looking forward to what 2024 will bring.

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