I’m using this page to keep track of videos and creators I follow.  For what it’s worth, I use the Brave browser, which blocks ads.

Of all the videos I watch, this video, “Why Do I Hike,” hits upon some of the answers as to why I hike.  Certainly, I love being outside, in nature.  I love the views.  But it gets deeper than that, and this video comes close to answering that question.

I found this next video while reading Adventure Journal’s blog.  This is a short advertisement created by Swiss Tourism.  I haven’t been out long enough to get the voice in my head to silence, but I’ve come close.  The ad is well done, and speaks to why many get out into nature.


Content Creators

The first series I’ve linked to is Adventure Archives.  I discovered this series during “lockdown” of the pandemic and managed to watch all of their episodes.  Since I couldn’t get out much, I might as well watch some epic stories.  I started with episode one, and worked my way to the present.  Now, I make sure to catch every episode when it comes out.

The second series I’m link is Miranda in the Wild.  Miranda works for REI (hence all the gear) and has short videos typically dedicated to a specific topic.  Every so often viewers are treated to a trip.


Hikes to do / Places to go:

One hike I definitely want to do is the Annapurna Circuit.  Besides the location, one great benefit is staying in tea houses.  This video, while older, gives a good overview.  My only concern would be those big suspension bridges.

Chasing the Lights In The Himalayas: